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6 awesome ways to look dashing on wheels

By April 22, 2015No Comments
Looking good is not only for the ladies. The men can also roll out in confidence, looking dashing and snazzy. Along with specially adapted clothing you can buy regular to suit your needs. Read on for the ultimate tips on how to achieve comfort and style.
Boxers or Briefs

This are an important part of clothing yet no one will see them. Boxers made of cotton material with a stretchy elastic bands are the most comfortable. If you are prone to your back stick to your chair on those hot days, wearing a super light under shirt can help to avoid that from happening.
Sleeve length

Pay attention to the length of your sleeves so as to avoid them being too long and getting stuck in the spokes of your wheels. However you your sleeves should still come down to the end of your arm. Another tip would be to roll up your shirts.
Coats and Jackets

Buy short coats and jackets so as to not sit on the coat-tail when sitting in your chair.
Jeans and Khakis

Wear jeans/khakis that are either casual or smart with a good corresponding colour of shoes. The hem line of your pants should cover the socks you are wearing.

Every man should own a suit! Have a two-piece suit, where your jacket closes comfortably and your pants fit perfectly. Keep a couple stylish ties handy for when needed and you can use a tie tack to keep it in place. Dress your suit with a great pair of shoes and you’ll be ready to cruise looking smart.
Accessorize smart

If buying watches and rings, make sure you invest in ones that won’t easily be scratched. Or why not get yourself an old school pocket watch that radiates both style and class?

Roll in style, looking and feeling good, gentlemen 🙂