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7 great ways for ladies to roll in style

By April 21, 2015No Comments
Clothing for women in wheelchairs needs to be both comfortable and easy to get in and out of, yet why lose out on the stylish factor? Here is a list of ways to cruise in your wheels with some flair.

Show off your Shoulders

Exposing your shoulders can add a little of a flirty style. Perfect for the ladies. Wear a tank top, a one-strapped shoulder top or a top where your shoulders just show a sneaky peek.

Highlight your Waist

Adding a belt to your pretty loose skirt or dress will accentuate your waist. Wear thin ones to the more daring wider ones. The wider the belt the more corset like it will appear.

             Make your Torso appear longer

Buy your tops a couple of inches longer than you would actually need for it to fit. This will help to create the impression that your torso is longer than it actually is. However do make sure that the top is not loose as it will make you appear heavier. A glittery long top with plain thin pants or a skirt would look especially stylish for nights out.

             Wear printed Leggings

Why not get some bold printed leggings and match it with a plain long top or wear them under a pretty dress? It’s a fun and adventurous style! Or go with solid colour or neutral colour leggings.

            Beautiful Skirts

To make dressing the easiest, buy skirts that button up in the front or wrap-around skirts. They can first be laid on the wheelchair before sitting on it then doing it up.

             Lady Bras

A bra that fastens in the front is the easiest but don’t worry, a back-fastening bra can still be worn. Put it on at waist level, fasten it at the front, then move it round and pull it up into position.

                    Have fun and Accessorize

Add some fun to your outfit with jewellery, scarves or hats. Do your make-up in various styles, the classic smoky eyes, use colours suited to your look, or go for a more natural look.
There are various online clothing stores which make clothes particularly for people in wheelchairs, both men and women. Don’t lose out on dressing in style and feeling pretty in what you’re wearing because you are in a wheelchair.

Happy rolling ladies 🙂