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An Epic spring tour

The first spring tour of 2015

Thomas and Claudia Mawick. 

Four couples set off for the first tour of the spring; two couples, who were returning clients, from Germany, Thomas and Claudia and Heidi and Werner, while Jona and Dick were welcomed from Holland then Philp and Lee joined from Australia.

The first adventure stop was the famous Kruger National Park for the 8 day safari tour, followed by a tour exploring the magic of Cape Town and afterwards Philip and Lee continued on the 5 day Garden Route tour.


A pair of rhinos were spotted in a battle against one another. Thomas described the rhino battles as, ‘’Amazing how two gigantic rhinos pushing back and forth, with horns colliding, are so quiet. I would have expected to hear panting or something, but nothing at all apart from the sounds of horns striking.’’

Ntombi the cheetah. 
The couples were impressed with the house cheetah Ntombi at the private Game Reserve. They embarked on a safari walk and wheel with the game ranger; after a 3 minute stroll the shadows of Ntombi’s brothers were spotted. When the brothers arrived the ranger stroked them and they headed off, wheelchairs and cheetahs, into the reserve.  

That evening a magnificent Kudu was seen standing in front of Thomas and Claudia’s


The three couples visited Jessica the Hippo and Thomas found it to be ‘’Just incredible, we never thought that it was possible to get as close to a hippo, to feed or kiss one. ’’

The famous Big 5, which include the lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and the Cape buffalo, were also spotted among many other wildlife!

A rhino battle!
‘’The tour with Alfie and Charles was a pleasure. Everything was perfectly organized! The tour was also perfectly balanced between safari drives and periods of rest, so we had a very relaxing holiday. All accommodation was fully accessible and perfect for wheelchairs. These experiences we will never forget.’’ – Thomas and Claudia Mawick

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