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Who is behind Epic Enabled?

Alfie Smith, owner of Epic Enabled and Epic Expeditions has a deep passion for travel and wildlife. What better combination can you ask for? He worked for various overland and safari companies in Europe, South America and Africa before starting his own safari company where he met his Swiss wife Sabine. They both have a passion for the African wildlife and heritage and are very keen to share all their knowledge with you. Alfie is a pioneer in many fields and leads all his own tours. For larger groups Alfie has an assistant with him. We look forward to show you our beautiful country soon.

Why travel with Epic Enabled?

Epic Enabled has tried to combine the spirit of adventure which the “overland” traveller enjoys – that is to expect the unexpected – but at the same time travelling in a highly planned and carefully structured way. This “enables” the “disabled” traveller to enjoy an “expedition of a lifetime” tour.

How long has Epic Enabled been operating?

EPIC EXPEDITIONS has been running since 1992 as an overland company. We have seen very few “enabled” travellers enjoying the wide range of pleasures as an “overlander”. Being aware that there are many “Enabled” people who are able and wish to experience the same sense of adventure and thrill which “overlanding” has to offer – the concept of EPIC ENABLED was born. We started our first enabled tour in January 2001.

Am I "enabled" to travel with Epic Enabled?

Everybody is welcome on our tours. We try to cater for your individual needs and accommodate any special requests. If you are an independent traveller with a disability, mentally sound and medically fit, come and join our amazing safaris of your lifetime. As an enabled traveller, you need to provide a letter from your doctor stating your disability and the doctor’s acknowledgement that you are aware of the basic elements of “overland safari” travel – e.g. that you will sit in a truck for periods of time travelling on a variety of roads (gravel, dirt and tarred).

Where does Epic Enabled operate?

We specialise in accessible safari and tours in South Africa.

How long should I stay?

It is entirely up to you. We recommend that you stay for 10 – 14 Days to experience the wonders of South Africa. Please remember to arrive at least 1 day before the safari starts and maybe 1-2 days thereafter.

Are there any age restrictions?

No restrictions, all ages are welcome if you are young enough to enjoy an adventure and old enough to appreciate our beautiful country. However, please inform us if you wish to bring children on tour. We are also happy to arrange a private “family” tour to suite your special request and to prevent possibly inconveniencing other guests.

Do children get special rates?

Yes, children under 10 years get special discounts if they are sharing with their parents. Please visit our “special” page or contact us for more individual information.

What type of transport do we use?

We have a variety of vehicles available with hydraulic lift or ramps, depending on the group size. Our accessible vehicles are especially adapted by qualified mechanical engineers for wheelchair (disabled) passengers to travel in total safety and comfort. The wheelchairs are secured by means of factory built, quick release tie-downs to ensure safety while the vehicle is in motion. These tie-downs are bolted and welded to the framework of the vehicle body enhancing the all-round safety aspects. Please refer to our vehicle page for more information.

Epic supplies quality equipment for accessibility, camping and cooking (ramps, bath-swivel-seat, shower-wheelchair, cutlery, crockery, tables, stools, camp lighting, stove, axe, shovel, spares and tools). For more info please see our Vehicle and Equipment page.

When is the best time to travel?

This is very difficult to say as every month has a highlight. South Africa has a very diverse climate. Here is a basic outline:

Cape Town and the Garden Route have winter (June – August) rains and the Kruger National park has summer (December – February) Thundershowers.

Kruger National Park – Tropical climate:
Autumn – March to May: warm & dry during the day; warm – cool at night
Average daily maximum – 29 °C / average monthly rainfall – 39mm

Winter – June to August: cool – warm & dry during the day; cold at night
Average daily maximum – 26 °C / average monthly rainfall – 10mm

Spring – September to November: warm – hot & dry during the day; warm at night
Average daily maximum – 30 °C / average monthly rainfall – 43mm

Summer – December to February: hot & humid with thundershowers during the day; warm at night
Average daily maximum – 32 °C / average monthly rainfall – 94mm

Cape Town and Garden Route:
Autumn – March to May: warm & dry during the day; warm – cool at night
Average daily maximum – 23 °C / average monthly rainfall – 43mm

Winter – June to August: cool with possible rain; cold at night
Average daily maximum – 18 °C / average monthly rainfall – 84mm

Spring – September to November: warm – hot & dry during the day; warm at night
Average daily maximum – 22 °C / average monthly rainfall – 28mm

Summer – December to February: warm – hot & dry during the day; warm at night
Average daily maximum – 26 °C / average monthly rainfall – 16mm

Can Epic Enabled assist with hotel & airport transfers, etc.?

Yes, we can arrange hotel accommodation, airport transfers, car hire and lots more. Please contact us so that we can make individual arrangements.

What type of accommodations is used?

A range of fully equipped accommodation is used, consisting of bungalows and cottages in main and private camps. All accommodations have solid off-the-ground beds.

Can I travel by myself or do I need to bring a friend or carer?

Although some travel with friends, as a couple or as a family, most people find that Epic Enabled is a perfect way to travel on your own. If you are self-sufficient and you are medically fit to travel by yourself you are very welcome to travel by yourself. Epic Enabled’s staff will assist where possible but we will not have time for “full time individual” care as we have to whole group to think about. If you need more assistance please bring a carer, friend or family with you. Groups are welcome too.

Do you provide carers?

Carers or qualified medical assistants can be organised on request at an extra cost. However please note that they are English speaking which might create a language barrier and they will also have to learn your personal preferences.

Single supplement?

Yes, we have a single supplement on our tours. Please refer to the individual tour pages.

Can you cater for special diet requirements and what culinary delights can I expect?

Epic Enabled provides a range of wholesome meals (please refer to individual itinerary on what is included) a day which include stews, pastas, barbeques, traditional African dishes such as potjie served in a boma, picnics etc. Vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements will always be catered for (Please request special diets when booking)

Is the water safe to drink?

Generally all campsites we use have good and safe drinking water. However, there is always bottled water readily available for purchase as well.

Do you have electricity every day/night?

Yes we have electricity every day & night. You can recharge your batteries and electric aids whenever we are not travelling. *Update (Feb 2020): We are experiencing a problem with electricity supply in South Africa at present. This has resulted in us having load shedding once – sometimes twice a day for +/- 2 ½ hours each time. “South Africa” is working on it!

What type of adapter do I need for the plugs to charge up electric equipment?

You will need a special adapter to fit the South African plugs which we recommend that you bring with you.

We use 2 different plugs:
• 3 prong large round plug
• 2 prong thin round plug

What are the health risks?

Some of our tours take us through the Kruger National Park, which is in the malaria area and we therefore highly recommend for our clients to take malaria prophylaxis. This is the biggest risk on tour but please consult your local Travel Clinic for up-to-date details on vaccinations. It is important to follow the complete prescribed course.

What happens if I have a medical emergency?

Throughout our travels, we are generally close to doctors or hospitals with international standards. If however we are out of reach, we always have emergency evacuation plans in place. We are in constant communication with our office and do our outmost to assist you to the best of our abilities.

Do I need travel medical insurance?

It is compulsory for all travellers to have their own valid medical and travel insurance to cover overland travel including repatriation. Epic Enabled operates a Public and Passenger liability insurance according to international standards.

What about tips?

Although tipping is not mandatory it is always greatly appreciated. In South Africa we generally tip 10% – 15% in restaurants and services rendered.

What about security?

It is very safe to travel in our company and we avoid the “hot spots” so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. We do have lockable areas where you can keep your valuables at all times. All of our safari vehicles are well equipped with communications equipment, first aid kits and breakdown equipment. We are very aware of the security in place we visit and will always advise you if there are “quick fingers” (theft possibilities) around.

Where do most of Epic Enabled clients come from?

You are from all walks of life and nationalities who share an adventure which creates true values and an unforgettable experience. Main nationalities are: UK, Netherlands, Australia & New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, USA & Canada, and many more…

How big are the groups?

Our scheduled tours normally have a group sizes of 4 – 12 people. However we can cater for private tours as well as larger groups on request.

What's included and what is not?

Please refer to our individual itineraries to find detailed descriptions.

What other information can you provide?

Further information detailing itineraries, climate, geography, passports & visa requirements, people & places of interest, how and where to join your tour, spending money, general pre-requisites & clothing, currency, luggage, personal medical kit, general health, will be provided on your request.

What should I bring?

Depending on what time of year and your programme we will send you a list of recommended clothes and other accessories to bring along. A torch/flashlight is very advisable!