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10 interesting facts on Africa’s Big 5!

By February 2, 2015No Comments
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Rhinos chilling.

         –  All rhinos have three toes per a foot, and even the Black        Rhinos run on their three toes!

         –  They have very poor eyesight but their excellent hearing and sense of smell makes up for it. 

A heard of Cape Buffaloes taking a stroll.

Cape Buffaloes
       – Buffaloes have good memories, and have been known to ambush hunters who have hurt them in the past.

     –  The herd will protect the calves by pushing them into the middle when danger is lurking.

A pride of lions.
          –  Lions are the most social of the big cats, and live in groups known as prides together. The lionesses doing the hunting, with the male lions relaxing and resting for up to 20 hours a day!

          – They roar to communicate their positions to each other, with their roars reaching up to 8 km (almost 5 miles) away.

A leopard hanging out..

  –  Leopards love being in water, and are very good swimmers.

    –  They are shy, secretive and solidarity big cats, and this makes them a rarity to see in the bush.

Baby elephant being very cute.
          – Baby elephants are born blind, and they sometimes suck their trunks for comfort, just like human babies do!

         – Elephants get sunburnt and throw sand on themselves to prevent sunburn, it also keeps pesky insects off of them.