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13 ways to show your pet you love them

By February 20, 2015No Comments
”Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.” – W.R Purche

Our pets are often showing their love for us in their own ways. Here is a list of how we can show our dog or cat that we adore them 🙂

7 ways to show you love your dog

  •    Talk to your doggy. Your dog loves to hear your voice.
  •    Pet them and stroke their fur.
  •    Take your dog for a long walk on the beach, round the block or up the  mountain.
  •    Give them a good brush.
  •    Play together. You can chase them, play catch with a ball or stick. There are  so many fun toys you can buy from the pet store that they will enjoy playing  with or chewing.
  •     They love back and tummy scratches.
  •     Give them some dog treats. They sure will appreciate it.

5 ways to show you love your cat

  •   A lot of cats go mad for catnip. It  makes them roll around on the floor  and feel blissful. It pretty much gives  them a bit of a buzz.
  •   Gently stroke their fur.
  •    If you catch them slow blinking you,  be sure to slow blink them back, it’s a  sign of love and trust.
  •     Play with them using string, rolled  up newspaper, sticks or cat toys you  can buy.
  •     Talk to them in a high pitch voice.  Also use their name.

Take your dog swimming at a safe beach when the waves are calm. Dogs usually love to swim!

Or treat your kitty cat to some tasty bits of tuna, or chicken.

Take note:
By playing games with your pets you are increasing their happy hormones in their brains’, as well as establishing a bond between the both of you. It also provides exercise for your beloved pet as well as helping to relieve anxiety or stress.

”What greater gift than the love of a cat.” – Charles Dickens

Now go on and show that animal of yours some love…