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5 Fun DIY Clothing Hacks (For Better Accessibility)

By August 26, 2016No Comments

We all know that with the ever-evolving fashion landscape, looking your best can be a pain. As clothing seems to get fiddlier, fussier and more frustrating, it’s easy to become more and more disenchanted with the sartorial world – particularly if you have a limited range of mobility to deal with.

We’ve found some ways to ease your daily dressing – here’s our collection of inexpensive and easy DIY projects, tricks and hacks.

  1. Grip a tricky zip – and add some custom flair!


Slip a pendant or charm onto the hole of your zipper with a keyring.

Not only is this quick method great for making a larger zipper pull, but you can give any drab jacket a cute feature, too!

  1. Pull up pants easily

Make high-waisted pants (or even hipster pants) easy to put on by attaching fabric loops to the inside of the waistband.

If you’re not good at sewing, fabric glue is an easy alternative.

  1. Create glittens – convertable gloves

Unusual and functional (and less uncool than zip-off pants!), these are great for winter days when you have to access your phone, but taking off and putting gloves back on is a hassle.

You can customize an existing pair of gloves (just cut the fingers off), or you can make these from scratch with this pattern.

  1. Never struggle with buttons again…

Stick velcro behind your buttons! Even if you don’t struggle with tiny shirt buttons, getting them all even on the first go is still not always easy.

You can use felt instead of the soft part of the velcro for less bulk.

  1. …Or with laces!

Use an elasticated cord to lace your shoes, and never have to deal with tying and untying and knots and bows and all that trouble.

Now you have perfectly chic slip-on sneakers!

Will you be trying these out? Let us know how it goes!

Art by Jessica