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A Soundtrack for a Cinematic South African Road Trip

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As we did some research on gorgeous South Africa, interesting animal facts and fun folk tales and as we combed through Epic’s archive of endless stunning photographs of past safaris and tours, we thought that doing so in silence just did not do the marvellous imagery of this country justice (well, near-silence, but the sound of mouse-clicking and keyboard typing isn’t very cinematic).

We believe that an experience such as exploring South Africa deserves a soundtrack as cinematic as the vibrant urban hubs and as evocative as the vast, epic natural landscapes.

So, we’ve searched high and low to find fresh South African sounds that would be perfect for travel. Here are our picks for a South African road trip:

  1. Hezron Chetty – See Journey: A very eclectic, atmospheric instrumental (aptly titled) for driving through and exploring new small, vibey towns or areas. We think the slightly dark, dramatic sound suits places like the Valley of Desolation, found just outside the small town of Graaff Reniet in the Eastern Cape.

  1. BLOODMΛCHINE – So Good: This track’s great when checking out the city lights at night; it’s very danceable (yet not obnoxious) and very good, indeed.

  1. DJ Ango – Elevation: If you’re about to do something scary, like bungee jumping, skydiving, interacting with lions, or even just travelling for the first time, play this epic, dramatic instrumental.

  1. Mind Pool – Trouble Myself: Play this one after a long, long day, and everybody’s tired and winding down. This sleepy, psychedelic space rock is sure to inspire some good dreams.

  1. TouchWood – Suddenly: Play this while on a morning safari. Easy-going, contemporary folk-pop goes beautifully with golden rays of sunshine and a bright blue sky.

  1. The Brother Moves On – Shiyanomayini: This song represents South Africa perfectly. “Shiyanomayini” means “whatever you have” – which can be both optimistic and extremely dark. This track to me is quite warm, yet melancholy – modern, urban South Africa in a nutshell.

  1. Rubber Duc – Stay With Me: Warm and upbeat, this one’s great while stopping for a quick braai and a beer. We defy you to not smile at that saxophone.

What do you think of our playlist? Add any additions in the comments!

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