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A February adventure

The tourists!
The 8 day Kruger tour this warm February involved a mixture of international tourists.
The Fritz family of 6 flew down from Germany for an African adventure. Two American friends, Nancy and Dawn, carried on to see Cape Town once the Kruger experience had ended. A son and mother team, Carline and Antoine from France joined in the venture.

A bush baby joined in the fun by sitting on the table. Bush babies are adorable small primates which are native to Africa. They have very big eyes giving them exceptional night vision, and bat like ears which enhances their hearing.
Hippos were seen cruising the water. Mischievous monkeys and baboons were also witnessed. Elephants, and giraffes were seen meandering. 
A hippo cruising in the water.

A pack of a dozen African wild dogs were seen roaming. They are highly social animals, and develop strong bonds with their pack. Each one has its own unique coat pattern, and all have a pair of the same big round ears.
There were 2 close calls to spotting a leopard, but then everyone was 3rd time lucky in seeing one! Leopards are secretive and stealthy cats.
An Epic Tour really does make for a great family trip to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Steve

    I totally agree with the last line.

  2. Epic Enabled Team

    That's great to hear Steve 🙂 Thank you on behalf of Sabine and Alfie.

  3. Unknown

    How lovely to see a Bushbaby up close….and Wild Dogs. The joy of a safari is never knowing what you will see. There are no guarantees. Makes each one an adventure….and a joy.