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Befriending Cheetahs and Tasting Zebra: An Epic Experience


In September 2016, Epic has yet again enabled an exhilarating experience, this time for a group of travellers from England, The Netherlands and a huge family from all across America.

On the tour, they saw first-hand just how multi-dimensional and unique South Africa truly is. Robin (from a small town in California) recalls the time when they were lucky enough to see a pack of African wild dogs along the road leading out of the Kruger National Park, a sighting that “pretty much trumped any other sightings I had”, she says. Camille from Wisconsin enjoyed the beautiful days in the Stellenbosch vineyards sampling fine wines, as well as the breathtaking panoramic views of Cape Town from atop Table Mountain.

Photo by Robin

Indeed, this was a trip of new experiences: Robin tasted ostrich for the first time. Hayden, from a small town in Nevada, tried a dish of zebra meat! Of the zebra, Camille notes that it tastes similar to steak and is not nearly as gamey as venison is (and that the food in South Africa is delicious and far cheaper than in the US!). 

Photo by Hayden

Zebra may be a meal that Ntombi the Cheetah would enjoy! Introduced as private game reserve’s mascot, Ntombi (who has been hand-reared ever since she lost her mother) greeted the guests by allowing them to stroke and pet her. Getting this close to a wild animal (she roams and hunts in the wild) was definitely a thrilling, unforgettable experience – and it was not the only close encounter!

Bushbabies, porcupines and genets were among the regular visitors to the campsite. This particular bunch of critters has become quite comfortable with people: some of them are bold enough to steal a few sips of your drink right from the cup (and then steal your heart by being friendly and cute, of course)! If that’s not cute enough for you, our guests also witnessed a newborn elephant trying to gain balance while having a mud bath, and some newborn hyena cubs being groomed by their mom (aww!).

Of course, an African safari is not going to be all small, fluffy creatures. The Big Five were all spotted: majestic lions, elusive leopards and stoic buffalo. Upon seeing two male rhinos fighting, one traveller says that he was surprised they were so quiet whilst engaging in their tussle; he expected to hear grunting, snorting and generally angry sounds and not just the sounds of horns clashing.

Good thing that they all came down to Cape Town and had a day’s rest at Epic Guesthouse! Ineke and Maria from The Netherlands relaxed underneath the spring sunshine on the balcony, the fresh Noordhoek air and sea views a welcome change. There is definitely something different about the atmosphere as you get nearer to the southernmost tip of the continent: many researchers say that the air at Cape Point is of the cleanest and purest in the world.

The tour was an all-round success. New friends were made amidst the new experiences (everyone particularly enjoyed the jokes of Mary from the UK). Camille says that South Africa is truly a magical place, and Hayden loved Table Mountain so much that she didn’t want to leave.  

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Until then, here’s an interactive map of the adventures had this month (and that you could experience too!)

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