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Make a Wish Tour with Ooen-Shi, Sander and Haidee

By February 4, 2013No Comments
Reports like the one below is the biggest reward we can think of:
Hi Alfie, Sabine and Josh
Our trip to South Africa has been an absolute success and we like to thank you for that mate!!
If anyone thinks they can’t take someone in an electric wheelchair on an African safari, they haven’t been on a trip with Alfie!!!!
You went above and beyond to make our trip the best family holiday we have ever had.
We have seen all that we came to see and more, ate brilliant food and it really felt like we were all on a holiday together.
The vehicle was great and very suitable. Your knowledge about the enormous amount of wildlife is incredible and accurate.
Your interaction with our young man was amazing and even though he couldn’t remember your name at the time.. He knows it now, and will never forget it and this fantastic trip!!!!
Take care mate, we will surely see you again!!
Thanks again,
Ooen-Shi, Haidee & Sander
Australia with a pinch of dutchness…..

Sander with Ooen-Shi & cheetah
Haidee, Ooen-Shie and Sander with mischievous

Richie the baby hippo

Haidee kissing Jessica the Hippo