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Awesome inclusive parks for children with special needs

By April 14, 2015No Comments
Play is the work of childhood.

Every child deserves a playground to do what a child does best – play!

However kids with disabilities often don’t have the luxury of enjoying time in the playground.

Imagine a place where both able bodied children and those with disabilities could play together.

Those parks do exist (although there are not enough) where all children can play happily and safely together, laughing and smiling, discovering and learning, while their parents look on with utter delight.

Known as inclusive playgrounds, they are designed and equipped in such a way as to allow children of all disabilities and special needs, or those able bodied children to experience playtime.
Play equipment

Roundabouts can have wheelchair friendly spaces, or seats for children to seat on as well as standing spaces for able bodied children.

Adaptive swing.
Swings are adapted to put wheelchair users in or strap kids safely in.

Wheel-through arcade, this is a spin on the more traditional monkey bars. A wheelchair fits within the width of the arcade, and they can pull themselves through.

Always accessible routes to equipment for the children to easily access to enjoy their fun on the playground. There are often ramps put in place for wheelchair using children.
Best Inclusive playgrounds