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Boulders Beach, home to an African Penguin Colony – Part 4 of the TMNP series

Some penguins waddling up the beach.
Also known as Jackass Penguins due to the loud donkey like sound they make, read about the African Penguins found here in the Deep South of Cape Town.

Situated on the edge of Simons Town is Boulders Beach, which is home to almost 2000 endangered African Penguins. They can be seen waddling up and down the beaches wearing their ‘tuxedos’, and entering the water to catch some food.

The TMNP part of the beach has 3 unspoiled beaches, 1 penguin viewing area and 3 walks which are in good condition for wheels. While tourists are not able to go on the beach where the penguin colony live sometimes a random penguin is found on the other beaches. I have often spotted the flightless birds on the other beaches. Once I was picking up shells I lifted my head and came face to face with a bird in a ‘tuxedo’, I let out a scream!
Penguin chicks.

Boulders beach offers excellent snorkelling conditions as the beach is protected from wind due to the big boulders as well as having calm waters. A great family beach to have a swim, catch some sunrays, pick up seashells or have a picnic.

There is a conservation fee to get onto the wheelchair friendly boardwalk at Foxy Beach which overlooks the penguin colony. Free entrance for those that hold a Wild card.

Two penguin soul mates.
Adults – R60

Children (under 12) – R30

Info about African Penguins

These African penguins are aquatic birds that mostly eat small fish found swimming on the top layer of the sea. They live together in their colony and breed for life with a soul mate. Those that roam the sea after penguins as a meal are sharks and the Cape fur seals. On land penguins have to be on the look-out for mongoose, domestic cats, caracals and big birds who steal their eggs and snatch up their chicks. If not caught by a predator African penguins can live up to 27 years. Be warned though and watch out for bites from their razor sharp beaks. Ouch!

Head to the tourist attraction of Boulders Beach to check out these comical birds.

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