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Get your hands on a cycle

A handcycle offers one of a kind ride for those enabled adrenaline junkies! It is powered rather by the use of arms than a pair of legs and the brakes are found on the handholds.

It was developed in the 1980’s to create different means of human-powered transport, ever since it has been rising in popularity. Perfect for those with a form of a physical disability. It was first included in the 2004 Paralympics.

There are lots of handcycling clubs to join worldwide for people to be a part of. Regular races to be done and championships to be won.

Balcony offering prime view of the riders.
It isn’t just used for those who want to do races, but can also be done as a hobby for everyone, those with disabilities or not. It is great exercise, and will leave you with some rather toned arms as well as being known to improve circulation among other things.

The Cape Town cycling tour (previously known as the Cape Argus), is the worlds’ largest timed cycle race. It covers 109km of the stunning Cape, and attracts 35 000 cyclists each year, of which some are handcyclists. The race is on for Sunday 8thMarch 2015. Why not come stay at our beautiful guest house? We offer not only affordable, accessible accommodation, but also a prime view of where the racers can be seen. Relax on the balcony, sip on some wine from Cape Towns’ prestige wineries and watch the racers go by.

Join the likes of Alex Zanardi, former Formula One driver, turned paracyclist, who loves this exhilarating sport. So go on and give it a try. Enjoy the wind in your hair, as you whizz past the world. There will be a few pieces on various fun packed sports to be done, so keep an eye out. Just because one’s body has been changed in some way, does not mean one has to miss out on experiencing new adventures. Happy handcycling.

Alex Zanardi, the world renowned paracyclist.

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