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Kim’s ”New World” – Part 3

Kim and eldest daughter Kaylin.
The story has unfolded and we are now at the end of what Kim has to share with us by discussing how her life has changed. As well as tips she has for those going through a similar experience as she did almost 5 years ago. The next and final 2 parts of Kim’s ”New World” will be her daughter, Kaylin opening up about what it is like for a child of a wheelchair user.


Any tips you would give to those who have just experienced something similar?

Let go of your old ways – it doesn’t matter that it took it you 5 minutes to dress before. It is now going to take you 30 minutes.

This is not a death sentence – you can live a long happy life (even though you may not feel you want to at the moment). There are others who are fighting for their lives, cancer patients, and burn victims and so on. Count yourself lucky, by the grace of God you are still here!

No matter how bad you think your situation is, there are always others that are worse off.
This is by no means karma, punishment for any sins or a reason behind it. It is what it is.
Your life is only as happy or miserable as you make it.
Kim’s hand has been operated on.
What do you wish you had known at the beginning?

This is a difficult one to answer. My one regret would be having my hand operated on so early on in my recovery. I should have waited longer as I gained mobility over time and in retrospect I didn’t need it.
How would you describe ways your life has changed from since before the accident to after?

Before life was fast paced and I had many goals, ambitions and a bucket list. Life has now slowed down, things take much longer, I process things differently and I’ve definitely become wiser. I now want different things out of life, still have goals, ambitions and a bucket list but they have changed, been adapted.

I wanted to travel and see the world. It can be done but not without loads of money. But I play the lotto – we can all dream.

What do you enjoying doing for fun?

At the moment I don’t have much fun, really not much to do here in my small town in the Northern Cape. I get to go to Cape Town every 6 months for a break though. Then I love going out with the kids and because I don’t get out much, I savour every moment. We do food shopping and go out for a good meal.

I think everyone’s situation is different. Now that I live in a small town, going to Cape Town and seeing family – that is my fun.

I used to love the beach, fishing and being outdoors, but because I don’t drive I have to rely on others for help if I’d like to do these things.

You will notice that paraplegics, quadriplegics or generally anyone in a wheelchair all have a very close relationship and respect for another – a kind of a bond because we know what we have gone through to get to where we are and just how challenging every day is. 


 I hope this gives you a bit of insight into my ‘’New World.’’

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  1. Unknown

    Having known you since you were a child but not having seen you since your accident – it looks as if you have grown into a beautiful woman Kim. Your blog is insightful. It is inspiring to see how positive your outlook on life is, how appreciative you are of the people in your life and the day to day things that most of us take for granted. I hope you continue to recover in small ways and that life gets better for you in big ways. x