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Lions Head of the Table Mountain Range

By February 27, 2015No Comments
Lions Head as seen from Signal Hill.

In the Table Mountain Range, a mountain peak known as Lion’s Head can be found.

Lions Head and Signal Hill look like a sphinx.

As mentioned in a previous article, being next to Signal Hill, combined they appear to look like a sphinx.

During the 17th century when the Dutch found Cape Town they named this mountain Leeuwen Kop which in English is Lion’s Head. Signal Hill was first known as Leeuwen Staart meaning Lion’s Tail.

The 669m (2195ft) peak offers beautiful views overlooking the city of Cape Town, Sea Point, Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The mountain is adorned with the endemic flora known as Fynbos. A truly magnificent place to watch the sunset.

View overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

For those abled bodied people why not enjoy the Full Moon hike? It is a tradition known by the local hikers to venture up while the sky is lit by the moonlight. It takes an hour to get up to the top. National Geographic listed Lion’s Head as one of the world’s most thrilling hikes last year.  There is a different route than the one used for the Full Moon hike, which is an exciting 3 hour walk to the top using chains, ladders and paths. It is in some ways rather challenging.

It is a great spot to go paragliding or hand gliding which is an adventurous activity for both people able bodied and disabled.

So if in the city of Cape Town be sure to have take in the view from one of the surrounding summits on the sphinx.