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Marshmallows over the camp fire bring back memories

By May 15, 2012No Comments

I went on safari with my two daughters- a trip that I never thought would happen. Thanks for a great time, for me the holiday just got better and better. I can’t believe I’m home. 
A few highlights for us: Jo loved walking with the caracal, a small cat called Tenerye at the private game reserve. Jakes the ranger made the walk special- entertaining and informative- as well as making sure that I in my wheelchair had a great experience. Both Jo and Emma enjoyed the game drives there as you got very close to the animals. Emma loved seeing up close and personal a rhino mother and baby. Both were amazed that a cheetah they had stroked killed an impala and was eating it in front of the vehicle! For me, my wow moment was spotting a lion in the bush from the safari truck.

Everyday we did something enjoyable. One night Alfie got marshmallows to toast over the camp fire which made Emma feel like she was a back at Brownie camp. Alfie and Sabine take the hard work out of the holiday as their years of experience of what you can do makes a pleasant change. We left everything in their hands and were told what we would be doing a night in advance.
Sometimes the things we did do were unbelievable. Because Alfie said I could go round monkey land, when the guide took us over the suspension bridge I just went across though I am scared of heights- I FELT THAT WAS A BIG ACHIEVEMENT! Not only for me but for the wheelchair. Turned out that wasn’t the route the guide was supposed to take with wheelchairs but I felt able to do anything thrown at me because we were on an epic enabled holiday!
We all agreed that the last thing we did where Alfie took us to the elephant sanctuary and the girls had a ride and walked with trunk -in-hand, I touched and fed them, was a great ending to a brilliant holiday.  
Corinne Alexander, a satisfied customer.