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New route for the famous Cape Town Cycle Tour

By March 6, 2015No Comments
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The Cape Town Cycle Tour previously known as The Cape Argus will take place for the 38th year this weekend on Sunday the 8thof March. The picturesque route which was traditionally taken by the cyclists would cover Chapmans’ Peak has been radically changed and shortened due to the Cape Town fires.

The new route.
The new route will now be 47km compared to the 109km route of previous years. It will take the cyclists from the city centre to the surfing mecca of Muizenberg and back. It is an unavoidable change due to immense damage done to Chappies and the danger of potential rock fall. The roads considered were Boyes Drive or Ou Kaapse Weg that both offer scenic views but were either too narrow for the expected 35 000 riders or would pose a danger due to the ash and soot along the road.

This year will hail as the ‘Show you care solidarity ride’ in support of the Cape that to date has had 5000 hectares of vegetation affected by this massive fire. This means that it will not be a competitive race and that riders are asked to ride in unity for those who were unfortunately affected by the chaos the fire has caused.

The good news now is that the cycle tour will be easier for those amateur cyclists who might have been fearing the previous 109km route. They will now be able to do the tour with more ease.

The CTCT has opened up a secure account that is held in the name of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust to donate money to both the Volunteer Wildlife Services and Sanspark Firefighting services. The money that is brought in will be handed over as the month of March comes to an end.

The account details are as follows if you wish to make a donation:

Account holder: Event Entry Admin

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: Rondebosch (123209)

Acc Number: 1232144355

Acc Type: Cheque

Reference: Name and Surname or Company Name

This years’ cycle tour will go down in history as the first route to be so hugely reduced.

Cape Town comes together in time of crisis and all the support that Cape Townians, both as citizens and as companies big or small, have put in is outstanding.