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New Zealand is back – 3rd time round!

Thank you Moira for your report:

Kruger Park lunch

Had a great time in South Africa with Epic Enabled – Joburg, Kruger, private game reserve, and Capetown.

Natalie with Jessica the Hippo

Great people and very eay to deal with – as a group we had pre-requested some items of the trip and the guide was flexible and had some great alternative ideas as well – Accommodation excellent , as well as the equipment provided – a great stress free holiday for everyone.

Chrissy with Cheetah @ Tshukudu

Within our group of friends we had peole in wheelchairs, mobility issues, visual impairment , and brain injury -quite a variety of complex personalities however everyone commented on the relaxed, yet smooth running of the tours.

Inside Epic’s safari vehicle

For several in the group it was a repeat experience – though when animals are involved there is no repeat experience – each one is different and special at the time to the various individuals.

The focus of the group was to view the wildlife and also have the opportunity to get up close to others – which is certainly a possibility at Tshukudu – yes many of the animals have been orphaned and it has been necessary for them to have had human contact but they are not ‘tame’.

Lift into Epic’s Safari vehicle

None of the group had any issues with any of the vehicles in which we were transported – they appreciated the efforts of Alfie and Jakes for them to be able to transfer to sit and travel in the usual game drive vehicles.

Dan @ Robben Island

Capetown Accommodation was five plus star – “absolutely marvellous” was one comment, and the mix of organised tours and free time was appreciated.

Everyone had a great time – and some are already saving for yet another trip.

Moira – Laura Fergusson Trust, New Zealand

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