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Signal Hill and the noon gun

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Take the road up to Signal Hill and enjoy remarkable views overlooking the Atlantic. It makes for a breath-taking sight to see the sun both rise or set. Signal Hill is a 350m peak that was once called Lion’s Rump because together with Lion’s Head, it looks like a sphinx.
Signal Hill and Lions Head combined look like a sphinx.

Signal Hill used to be the point where signal flags were waved to communicate with nearby ships. As early as 1806 the noon gun was originally situated and used as a time signal for ships from the Castle of Good Hope. It was later moved to Signal Hill.

Noon gun firing.
The Noon Gun is set off every day at midday except Sundays and public holidays. There are in fact not one but two guns, the second gun is used as a backup. The South African Navy and The South African Astronomical Observatory are in charge of the loud firing of the gun. In the year of 1795 the British Navy brought over the guns during the invasion. The noon gun is Cape Town oldest living tradition having been fired at noon since 1902, and the two guns are the world’s oldest guns used today on a daily basis.

The slopes of Devils Peak and Signal Hill are the only mountains on earth where critically

endangered Peninsula Shale Renosterveld vegetation is found. This unique vegetation is epidemic and indigenous to the Cape Town City bowl. It was once the dominant vegetation growth of the Capes city bowl but has been diminishing due to the city growth.

Sunset on Signal Hill
This is a popular paragliding spot for those daredevils looking for an incredible flight. People might have disabilities that stops them from being able to walk, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fly! A pair of arms is all that is needed to steer the canopy attached to the paraglide. Wheelchairs have even been designed to take up into the air for the flight too.

Go check out this disability friendly destination 🙂 

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