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Tim’s journal

By January 28, 2015No Comments
In November of 2014, I (Tim Siebrand – intern from Sweden) was lucky enough to go on a wild African Safari tour with Alfie Smith, the owner of Epic Enabled.
We went to the famous Kruger National Park, followed by a stay at Tshukudu Private Game Reserve.
We left the hotel in Johannesburg at 8am to make the interesting drive to the Kruger National Park. The journey offered some amazing views, and some great conversations with the guests I was on this adventure with.
When we arrived at the majestic gates of the park, we added a short game drive, looking out for some wild animals. What we spotted was an elephant, herds of buffalos and giraffes, as well as many different flocks of birds. We unpacked at our camp Skukuza before we all sat down to a delicious meal.
We awoke early to enjoy our very first morning game drive. Every time we went out, we were taken on different routes and to different places within the park, by Alfie who made for a splendid tour guide.
Next morning we moved onto a camp further up north called Satara. Here we saw lots of different animals we hadn’t seen at the previous camp.
After spending 2 nights at the Satara camp, we left for our next and final destination, The Tshukudu Private Game Reserve. It is a smaller and more intimate game reserve than that of the Kruger National Park, about 50 km outside.
During our 3 night stay, we got up close and personal with some wild animals. We stroked a cheetah, fed Jessica the hippo, and played with a honey badger which is normally quite a fierce animal.  We saw lions, rhinos, giraffes and elephants. We did both morning and evening games drives with the owner David, while we stayed at Tshukudu.
To summarize this whole experience: Unbelievable! It was an African bush safari dream come true. Epic Enabled, empowers those wheelchair travellers, to experience this amazing adventure with ease.
An elephant, lion and rhino. 3 of the famous Big 5 in Africa.