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Worlds first woman with Down Syndrome to walk the ramp


Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer on the catwalk at
New York Fashion Week
Born in California 30 years ago with Down syndrome was Jamie Brewer. She was the world’s first woman with Down syndrome to stride down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week this past Thursday.  She modelled designer Carrie Hammers’ clothes for the project titled ‘Role models not Runway models’, which invites inspirational and powerful women to walk the ramp.
Jamie is very active in the Down syndrome community and is an inspiration to many. She is involved with many different non-profit organizations trying to make a difference in the lives of others.
She took an interest to all sorts of arts such as movies and theatre. This steered her to start taking acting classes in 1999. Jamie has performed in dramas, musicals and comedies during her theatre training.

American Horror Story

Rose Siggins who often
uses her skateboard
Jamie was first known for her roles of various interesting characters in the dark series American Horror Story. A series which is often scary and gruesome, with lots of twists and turns throughout. Not for the faint-hearted. The last season of American Horror Story produced by Ryan Murphy was based on ‘freak’ shows that were most popular back in the 1800s in America.
The show had characters played by actors with real disabilities/ deformities. To name a few, there was the Indian actress Jyoti Amge who is the world’s shortest woman standing at 29 inches, Mat Fraser, a confident actor, who was born with undeveloped arms, Rose Siggins who has no legs and Erika Ervin a transgender woman with gigantism, who is 7 feet tall. The characters are based on real people from the past.

Jamie Brewer along with her co-stars are a true inspiration to all people, who have disabilities or not.

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